Digital Availability

Retailers constantly demand access to detailed product and label information, to reassure consumers when it comes to food safety and animal well-being. Manufacturers are producing more rich content than before to message directly to consumers via online channels. However, they often lack the systems and processes to effectively manage all this content. Retailers demand more rich content than ever from manufacturers to execute online marketing campaigns and sell online more effectively. Consequently, marketing departments are flooded with content requests.

How we help

SyncForce 360 Product Data centralisation provides a single solution that manages all data and digital assets related to your products and brands.

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Syndication to Data Pools / Data Networks

Both Food Retail and Food Service have set up their own data channels; centralised databases where all necessary information that is needed to perform business transactions between trading partners is stored in a standardised way. Managing the increasing number of Data Pools like GS1 GDSN, SIM and PS in Foodservice can be a real challenge.

How we help

SyncForce offers standard connectors to food Data Pools. There is no need to manage data per Data Pool due to the standard mapping between SyncForce and all Data Pools for both product categories and specifications. SyncForce 1-Click product data syndication results in the automatic daily distribution of all product data mutations and digital assets to all connected Data Pools. With our Trusted Central Source for product data, you will always be able to provide product and label information to retailers with just one click.

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End 2 End Product Development

End 2 End Product & Packaging Development

Most manufacturers are pressured to launch products on time. Typically, the planning process is managed in Excel sheets, with a project manager chasing all the people to make sure everybody does their work on time. The consequences of missing a deadline are high as a retailer can simply terminate the deal when the launch is late, so the manufacturer won’t get paid if that happens.

How we help

With SyncForce Portfolio Development Management, setting up a project planning has never been easier. By selecting a predefined template, you will be able to create all the project stages, tasks, deliverables and roles.

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Integrated Label & Artwork proofing and approval

In the packaging design and creation process, often three parties are involved – the agency, manufacturer and retailer – resulting in a lot of waiting time and many feedback loops.

How we help

With SyncForce integrated Label & Artwork approval, you can avoid time-consuming handovers and feedback loops through centralised project planning, financials and easy file sharing.

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Retailers may audit your factories on a regular basis. This means that Quality Managers need to come up with all the required quality certifications, often unannounced. Looking up the right certificates can be a burden, at the same time these certificates need to be managed to avoid expiration. Due to high-demand and low process and system maturity, people in your organisation are bound to make mistakes. These can even lead to product recalls and fines.

How we help

SyncForce collects and centralises all new and updated information and digital assets during development, resulting in synchronised physical and digital products. With our Trusted Central Source for Content, you will be able to meet internal policies, customer requirements and compliance demands – including EU 1169/2011, 2002/46 and 2009/54.

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