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Portfolio Lifecycle Management

Product Information

With the Product Information Management (MDM + PIM), you create one single, central location containing all technical, logistic and commercial product information, together with all the related content like product images, sales documentation, technical documentation, promotional tool-kit and product features.


  • All product information available in one central source including all media (images) and texts
  • Translations immediately available (35% lower costs by eliminating double translations)
  • 24% fewer errors, because changes are submitted in a centrally located single source
  • Stronger brand identity due to multi-channel and cross-media consistency (all brand touchpoints)
  • Make information from the ERP environment accessible for commercial use

Single source of truth

Product Information can be managed centrally by R&D, Product Management, Marketing, Trade, Supply and Finance. So you always have access to the latest information, including translations for all local markets.

Product Information Management - MDM,PIM
The different levels of Product Content Management

Data stewardship

SyncForce allows users of various functional areas to manage product content. Multiple departments will be involved at the right time to add or maintain the product information that they are responsible for. Roles & responsibilities define per user which part of the product content can be viewed or edited.

PIM - Roles and Responsibilities
Product Content management responsibilities

Proposition management

Global brands still require a local approach. Which products will be sold in which markets, in which channels and when? Central setup of propositions for different markets is essential for executing an effective multi-channel strategy.

Proposition Management

Syndication policies

With content syndication you can display your latest product portfolio and messaging directly on channel partner websites and commerce platforms. SyncForce brings you in control by managing which channels partners get which content when.