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Solution for EU Food Regulation 1169/2011 compliance

In December 2014 your company need to be ready for the EU Food Information Regulation 1169/2011. This regulation will significantly impact pack design and communication to both consumers and channel partners. SyncForce supports companies to be compliant with 1169/2011.

EU Food Regulation 1169/2011 applies to all pre-packed food products, including products delivered by and supplied to mass-caterers intended for the final consumer. The regulation requires that customers have access to nutritional value, allergens and ingredients information. This information must be clearly and accurately provided to the consumer before the point of sale.

Why SyncForce?

SyncForce is a leading provider of business software that reduces the product introduction time for branded goods. SyncForce MDM+ integrates Master Data Management with Product Development and Launch management. SyncForce MDM+ distributes and publishes product information such as nutritional value, ingredients and instructions to all channels, online and offline.

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Significant changes:


Nutritional information

More mandatory nutritional information. Which can also lead to less language that fit on a pack. Which can lead to increase in SKU’s


Allergen information

Allergens must be presented in a different typeset on every pack. Will apply to all labels/packs.



Obligation to provide consumers with the same information as is listed on the pack in all purchasing situations, online and mobile.

Multi-channel publication of nutritional and allergen product information

You can use SyncForce to manage the adaptation and automation of all your labels and at the same time consolidate all pack information in one single source of truth. Use this single information source to publish and distribute both commercial and nutritional product master data to all communication channels (online, mobile, print) and trade channels (wholesale, retail, etail).

SyncForce also provides standard data pool connectors for automated publication of product master data to data pools like GS1 DAS, Foodscore and PS in FoodService.

EU Verordering 1169 - 2011 product mdm
Multi-channel distributie en publicatie van ingredienten, voedingswaarde en allergenen.