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Portfolio Lifecycle Management

SyncForce integrated portfolio content for all sales channels

Published in: Adformatie November 2016 &

Manufacturers of branded and private label product who want a successful omnichannel market launch need to address two important challenges. To meet the applicable regulations and legislation, the product must be supported by the right product information. And the product must also reach customers in the digital channels by providing information in a targeted and attractive way. These needs can be met quickly and efficiently with the SyncForce cloud solution.

The increasing digitalization has a far-reaching impact on product information management. Or Portfolio Content Management, as the Eindhoven-based software company SyncForce prefers to call it. “Compliance is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers” says Hans de Gier, CEO and founder of SyncForce. “For example in terms of regulations in relation to nutrients or hazardous substances. As a manufacturer, you’re also required to make product information available to all channels at the same time, both on the product introduction and whenever there’s a change in that information.” De Gier also refers to the increasing marketing importance of Portfolio Content Management in the digital sales channels. “The growth of online shopping means the digital marketplace is where the battle will be won or lost. In the retail outlets themselves consumers can just pick up the product and take a look at the information on the packaging. But when they’re online they also want to clearly see the product details. And the way you present that information is vital in winning the emotional response of the consumer. Just imagine consumers who want to buy a ready-to-eat meal in an online supermarket. Will they be satisfied with a photo of the packaging as it appears in the retail store? Or do they want extra information – for example about where the meat comes from. And has that chicken been raised under humane conditions?”

360 degree view
What are the core strengths of SyncForce, which was founded in 1999? “Our tools enable manufacturers to cooperate cross-functionally”, De Gier explains. “They optimize the collaboration between the different disciplines in the manufacturing process. For example by providing and sharing clear information and documents. That shortens the development process, which means products can be brought to the market more quickly. Each part of a company, from development right through to the supply chain, has its own information. After the product development phase, all that information is brought together. We use input at the source: all the content that is created during the process is immediately stored in the system. Our software collects and manages all the information, from development to pre-launch and launch. So after the development process, you immediately have a 360 degree view of the product. That makes it possible not only to get products to the market quickly across all the sales channels, but also to do that at the same time, with full and clear product information. And that means it’s also possible to incorporate changes – for example in the formulation of food products – quickly and in all the channels.”

Efficiency breakthrough
The SyncForce solution makes manufacturers’ lives easier by using 1-click content distribution. “Manufacturers have to send their product information to a number of channels”, De Gier explains. “For example data pools of wholesalers, retailers, your own website and webshop. All those channels use different systems. Our distribution system transforms the information into the right format for a specific channel, so you can send all the information at the same time. So this is also an area in which you can make an efficiency breakthrough.”