Process Management

Setting up a product or packaging change projects is straightforward in SyncForce. By selecting a predefined template, you will be able to create all the stages, tasks, deliverables and project roles. Templates are based on the standard timing for these types of projects (e.g. NPD, EPS, Packaging Change). 

Foster better coordination among teams with SyncForce’s collaborative tools. Whether it’s R&D, marketing, or supply chain, our platform brings everyone onto the same page, accelerating decision-making and implementation.

Capture at the Source

The most consistent challenge for packaged goods manufacturers, making sure that all systems and channels have the complete and correct data. Our key insight is that data changes are mostly driven by portfolio decisions (product and packaging innovation or renovation). SyncForce Capture at the Source makes sure that all new and updated product data and digital assets are collected during development of the product and packaging, resulting in in-sync physical and digital availability.

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Integrated Label & Artwork Proofing & Approval

SyncForce provides integrated label and artwork management with enhanced auditing, proofing, and approval features. Through Label & Artwork Management you will be able to proof and approve all artwork created during the development phase. This usually starts with the approval of concept designs, followed by master artwork approval and finally the artwork approval for all products linked to the project.

Easy File Sharing

During every development project lots of files are created (e.g. presentations, concept designs, artwork, research reports). These files can be uploaded into SyncForce providing central access for the project team. Files can also easily be shared via secure file share links. Last but not least, Easy File Sharing builds a central project history.

Project Financials

SyncForce offers full support to manage all project financials. It starts with a cost estimate by the team. Next step is the request for funding, where projects can be funded by multiple cost centers and multiple budget periods. A go on the project will automatically allocate the budget.

The next step is to send out request for quotations (RFQ) to creative agencies and other partners. After accepting the quotation a purchase order (PO) will be raised. Agencies can upload invoices directly in SyncForce after work is completed. Invoices will be approved by the project manager in SyncForce before being sent to your financial systems for payment.

Resource Demand & Allocation

For many packaged goods manufacturers both R&D and supply are resource-based. Project managers can assign the roles and resource centers required to execute the project, allowing the resource center managers to provide the workload estimate. Team managers will get insight into the total resource load per team based on the resource demand from all projects.

Priority Scorecards

One of the biggest challenges in portfolio management is how to get the most value out of the project portfolio. Traditional ways to prioritise either by high, medium or low or single parameters like sales forecast are much too limited. SyncForce Priority Scorecards can really drive prioritisation. With SyncForce you will be able to set up scorecards for every project type (frontend innovation, NPD/EPD, maintenance) and provide a priority score (1-100) based on multiple weighted criteria. Every year the scorecards are aligned with the latest company strategy, making sure that the focus is on those projects that provide the most valuable.


Zero-based Budgeting

Traditionally, portfolio budget decisions are based on historic data. Budgets tend to be allocated to buckets, leaving no room for in-year responses to opportunities and threats. Zero-based budgeting means starting at zero and stimulating brand managers to present a business case for their spending. After all, in a dynamic market, it is necessary to remain flexible throughout the year. SyncForce allows brands to remain completely in control and agile, with instant insight into the actual budget status and planning to support zero-based budgeting.

Rolling Year Plans

Portfolio development starts with making plans for the future, based on a long-term strategy. However, the world changes faster than 5-year plans can manage. New opportunities and threats will lead to new out-of-plan projects. All these projects can be managed in SyncForce, allowing Portfolio Boards to instantly start new projects.

End-2-End Budget & Resource Management

Both innovation and renovation projects require contribution from multiple functions like R&D, Design, Marketing, Market Research and Supply. SyncForce supports the process of budget & resource planning and tracking. Based on the project definition, all functions can provide both the budget and resources they need to complete a project.

Gate Approval in Gate Meetings

Most manufacturers have monthly or quarterly gate meeting where senior stakeholders discuss and sign off projects so that they can progress to the next stage. SyncForce supports this process with our integrated Gate Meeting Scheduler. Projects can be added to the agenda in two ways:

  1. The automatic meeting agenda. Based on the most recent planning, all projects which are ready on time for the gate are scheduled on the meeting agenda.
  2. Manual scheduling. The project manager manually places the project on the gate meeting agenda where they wish to present their project.

The Gate Meeting Agenda provides all senior stakeholders with instant access to the list of projects that will be present, including access to the relevant project information and documents.

Decisions to proceed, kill and recycle projects, including follow-up actions, can directly be logged in the SyncForce during the meeting.

Gate Approval via Document Approval

Gate approval is supported by Gate Meetings (see Gate Approval in Gate Meetings) or via formal approval of a Gate Document (e.g. project plan, business case, launch plan). SyncForce Online Document Approval provides an easy way to get approval on gate documents. Via this integrated review & approval workflow engine all stakeholders will be request to provide feedback of give approval on the document.

Not only the approved document, will be accessible for the project team and all other stakeholders, but the same goes for all previous revisions including comments.

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