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Syndication to data pools & customers

Many sectors have set up their own data pools; centralised databases where all necessary product data that is needed to perform business transactions between trading partners is stored in a standardised way. SyncForce offers standard connectors to syndicate product data and digital assets to data pools and customers (retailers, wholesalers).

We support product data distribution across many industries and markets, taking away the need to manage data for each individual channel. Our 1 Click Product Data Distribution engine results in automatic instant updates of all product data mutations to all connected data channels.

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Product Data feed to websites, webshops & apps

With SyncForce you will be able to provide all your digital touchpoints with the latest product data. You can feed data simply to systems like WebCMS, eCommerce, digital Point of sale and Mobile apps.

Product Data from the centralised Product Data Management environment is automatically distributed to all systems using industry standard APIs. Centrally define which touchpoint will get which product data, when. This can be a full set or only changed (delta) product information, product images, video’s and other marketing collateral.

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Content to document publication

Automated print catalogs & product sheets

SyncForce provides a central source of Product Data suited for cross-media publication. How quickly can you generate new price lists, product leaflets or catalogues? The challenge is to keep one step ahead of developments, instead of constantly chasing them. The SyncForce Publishing Robot automates the publication of catalogs, price lists, commercial and technical product documentation without the hassle of templates.

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Content Distribution to portal

Fully integrated portal for employees & partners

Making product information and digital assets available to your sales organisation and sales channel is essential for being successful in the marketplace. With SyncForce, everyone has access to a trusted central source for product data; this goes for everyone in your organisation, but also for customers and creative partners.

This portal includes several options:

  • A central Product Catalog that offers all stakeholders (supply, R&D, product management, marketing and sales) access to the latest product portfolio of their brands or markets
  • A Media Library providing easy access to digital assets like images, logos, documents, videos and artwork
  • The Success Story Library offers your salesforce and channel partners access to success stories that can make them more successful, including photos, generic information about the project and which products have been used
  • Marketing Fulfilment, your channel partners are able to pre-order merchandise and POS materials

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