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Portfolio Lifecycle Management

Portfolio Development Management

Effective cross-functional collaboration

Developing brands is becoming increasingly complex. Growing product portfolios, shorter product life cycles and more and more channels urges for an integral solution. The answer to complexity is simplicity. SyncForce  provides one central environment that supports a collaboration and communication power structure for managing brand, product and promo-mix development (PPM).

Portfolio decision making

Manage your strategic plans for every brand within your brand portfolio and manage all scheduled and running brand and product development projects. Centrally managed projects are a prerequisite to be able to prioritize the right projects and programs. Where Project Scorecards will provide an objective way to make proceed, stop or pause decisions.


Budget planning & spend tracking

Request and plan year budgets for all brand development related cost centers. Allocate budgets to the most relevant projects. Integrated support for RFQs, POs and invoices provide both project managers and budget owner with instant insight into the financial status.


Project management

Day to day project tracking to manage planning, tasks, resources, budget and business value. Request quotations, validate and approve proposals, issue purchase orders and track project cost. Improve collaboration with centrally shared documents and integrated document approval capabilities.

Product Development Management - NPD

Scenario planning

Simulate portfolio decisions and the impact on resource demand, budget demand and business value (net revenue growth and/or cost of goods sold reduction). Helps to make portfolio decisions that align resources and budget while optimizing business value.


Input at the source

SyncForce has unique capabilities to centralize product content in parallel with developing products (NPD / EPD). Providing in in-sync physical and digital availability. Fast listing of new/updated products in all channels, offline and online will result in more sales faster.

PIM - Roles and Responsibilities
Product Information maintenance responsibilities

Document & artwork approval management

Getting feedback and approval on project deliverables like project briefs, business cases and launch plans. Online proofing and approval of 2D/3D artwork reduces time to market and ensures global compliance, especially in regulated industries like food, cosmetics and adhesives/paint.

Online Proofing and Approval management