Different Brands, same name

Online market places or large online retailers face the challenge of listing products from multiple brands that have the same name. E.g. Lotus, which is a cookie brand, a personal care brand, kitchen paper brand and a car brand. As a result the brand name is no longer sufficient for online commerce.

Brand synonyms

Some brand names are clearly always the same (like Volvo) but for other brands there can be multiple variants of the brand name. For example Coca Cola (or Coca-Cola). That is why GBIN supports brand synonyms where all variants are covered by the same GBIN (in this case: 1232159506)

Company or product brand

Sometimes the company and the brand started as one, but in time other brands have been added or acquired. Take for example Mars, which is a corporate brand but also a candy bar brand. This makes it complex when we are talking about indicators per brand like revenue or market share. GBIN also solves this issue by providing both Mars the company and Mars the product brand with its own unique GBIN.