atrify is the platform for product content that enables more than 20,000 users in over 50 countries to share accurate and reliable content with their partners and consumers. With complementary expert services, atrify provides a holistic solution portfolio for transparency, compliance and cross-channel trading. atrify is 100% owned by GS1 Germany.

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Delaware guides its customers through their business and digital transformations while delivering advanced ICT solutions and services. Delaware is SyncForce implementation partner for the Food & Beverages industry. Delaware combines business insights with leading-edge approaches, digital tools, and accelerators crafted in-house specifically for companies in food industry segments, Delaware can help you transform your processes and take efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and profitability to new heights.

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Acterus knows all about strengthening brands. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge about managing brands and all the related (business) processes. We focus on achieving efficiency and consistency in terms of:

  • Brand, product and activation development;
  • Making your brand stand out at all conceivable touchpoints, both offline and online;
  • Optimizing your product introductions and activation in local markets.

Acterus combines analysis, definition and execution with clear project management. That means your organization not only knows what’s happening, but most of all why it’s happening, at every stage of the project. Our experience in managing brands in large, international organizations with complex product portfolios enables us to bring people, processes and platforms together successfully.

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KTBA is an ambitious company. As a strategic sparring partner in high-grade Quality Assurance, Riskplaza & Business Assurance services in the food and consumer goods industry. Our goal is to be ‘best in class’. A lofty ambition, but with a focus on raising our customers to a higher level. KTBA has been a market leader for many years and develops innovative services and products that are relevant for you.

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Innovadis is specialist on B2B multichannel commerce strategy.

We help manufacturers and distributors/ brands with the setup and optimization of B2B multi channel commerce challenges. For this we use a phased approach to ultimately serve the end-user directly. The deployment of a flexible multichannel commerce platform with integrated MDM (Master Data Management) supports all stages of the B2B multichannel strategy. One of the advantages is to achieve a complete and consistent availability of digital content across all channels and markets. (Business) end users are used to orientate themselves online, finding information and ordering at a moment they prefer.

Content is King in B2B multi-channel commerce
Our years of experience in B2B commerce shows that manufacturers and distributors often have great difficulty in create, manage, and distribute product information efficiently, while content and digital assets- is essential to achieve a successful B2B commerce strategy. Unique and relevant content creates findability and ensures a higher conversion. Furthermore, it is a lot of work to provide all trade partners of the right content in the desired format (think for example of the delivery of customer-specific product feeds to E-tailers and retailers, generating price lists and catalogs). Innovadis provides a phased approach and an integrated solution that not only nourishes the own channels but also ensures a consistent brand experience across all other trade channels.

In short, we help your organization to create a successful multichannel commerce strategy and ensure a higher conversion of your existing trade partners and reach new customers.

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