GBIN: The globally unique number to identify brands

GBIN is the globally unique number to identify brands. Why? To enable reliable machine-to-machine communication. This new, global standard for brand identification opens a whole new world of opportunities for data to be shared more efficiently and effectively between your internal systems and with your trade partners.  […]

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The solution for sharing product images via GS1 GDSN

It’s always been a challenge for manufacturers to make sure product images are shared correctly on every external channel. A new level of complexity was recently added: selecting the right file names for images in GS1-GDSN Data Source.  […]

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How to be compliant with EU 1169/2011

Regulations like 1169/2011 can place an extra burden on your packaging and product team. What does this regulation mean exactly, who is affected by it and how can you make sure your organisation is fully compliant? […]

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