Managing the Goodness Paradox

Supported by apps and social media, today’s increasingly critical consumers rapidly place new and ever-higher demands on products. Therefore, if companies want to harvest the benefits of implementing their CSR policies, they must provide information-based proof of their achievements. […]

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Visual presentation of the Goodness Paradox

What is the goodness paradox?

Striving for a better world is not only noble but has also become crucial from an economic perspective. However, companies, industries, and consumers sometimes face a paradox in terms of how they can achieve it. In order to make optimal choices, it is essential that all stakeholders have access to the right information. […]

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one pair of hands protecting a small tree and another pair of hands protecting a hart

Information is key in the development of sustainable products

Product innovation is often driven by public opinion – but what if one department of a company decides to eliminate palm oil from its processes, for example, while another department works with a supplier that still uses it? It’s essential for all departments to keep one another informed about their development activities. […]

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Strategy to Market value stream describes the 3 stages to help packaged goods manufacturers

Why use value streams to design your system landscape?

Many businesses are facing the same dilemma on a production level that they used to have in sales and finance: should we go best of breed or integrated? Do we use different solutions for every process, or is there one system that covers everything? […]

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The Connected Value Stream Model describes the 3 value streams within packaged goods manufacturering

The Connected Value Stream Model©

Many of our clients increasingly struggle with designing and maintaining their information flow and related system landscape. Digitisation of supply chains, marketing operations and sales (eCommerce) is the main driver behind this increasing complexity. […]

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