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Information is key in the development of sustainable products

Product innovation is often driven by public opinion – but what if one department of a company decides to eliminate palm oil from its processes, for example, while another department works with a supplier that still uses it? It’s essential for all departments to keep one another informed about their development activities. […]

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GBIN: The globally unique number to identify brands

GBIN is the globally unique number to identify brands. Why? To enable reliable machine-to-machine communication. This new, global standard for brand identification opens a whole new world of opportunities for data to be shared more efficiently and effectively between your internal systems and with your trade partners.  […]

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The solution for sharing product images via GS1 GDSN

It’s always been a challenge for manufacturers to make sure product images are shared correctly on every external channel. A new level of complexity was recently added: selecting the right file names for images in GS1-GDSN Data Source.  […]

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Strategy to Market value stream describes the 3 stages to help packaged goods manufacturers

Why use value streams to design your system landscape?

Many businesses are facing the same dilemma on a production level that they used to have in sales and finance: should we go best of breed or integrated? Do we use different solutions for every process, or is there one system that covers everything? […]

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The Connected Value Stream Model describes the 3 value streams within packaged goods manufacturering

The Connected Value Stream Model©

Many of our clients increasingly struggle with designing and maintaining their information flow and related system landscape. Digitisation of supply chains, marketing operations and sales (eCommerce) is the main driver behind this increasing complexity. […]

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SyncForce PIM Wavin plastic piping systems

At Wavin, ETIM is not just a classification, but a way to communicate internally

Imagine offering 50,000 different products in 25 different countries. The products are defined by up to 4,000 features, including colour, diameter and material. This is the daily reality of Wavin, a manufacturer of plastic piping systems. The complexity of their product portfolio propelled Wavin to become one of the pioneers in ETIM. […]

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aristotle on classification

Classifying is a pain – even Aristotle knew that

People prefer order over chaos. Classifying things helps us get a grip on the surrounding world. It’s been like that since ancient times when Aristotle classified every living creature known to man. […]

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